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Ronald's 1st μWebServer home page - used to be hosted on a SheevaPlug

Today is Friday 19 July 2024 09:54:45 up 40 days and 11 min hours -- This URL = swissdutch.ch

Ronald's Sheevaplug history:
-------------28May2014: My Sheevaplug gave up the ghost... it had 51017 views on the main page after almost 4 years of webserving
-------------02Mar2014: added small URL demultiplexor (ronaldlan.dyndns.org; swissdutch.dlinkddns.org)
-------------23Feb2014: moved the Sheevaplug to my 19 Inch rack in the basement
-------------07Jan2014: added my Ronald Manifesto page
-------------30Dec2013: soldered new USB connector to motherboard - hope this solves contact issue
-------------17Dec2013: attached cooler, put SSD and main board into new case
-------------17Jul2013: experienced several hangs due to USB connector contact / changed cable
-------------26Dec2012: dynamic content thru php
-------------24Dec2012: replaced SSD with smaller SSD (128GB)
-------------17Nov2012: replaced HDD with SSD
-------------28Oct2012: installed epiphany web browser
-------------21Oct2012: installed vsftpd
-------------20Oct2012: this page now available thru www.swissdutch.ch
-------------31Jul2012: New pictures posted on main page (see below).
-------------17Jul2012: Installed SCX3205 printer
-------------16Jul2012: Installed gcc, java, geany
-------------15Jul2012: Installed Apache / php: webserver back on the air
-------------13Jul2012: Installed FEDORA 17 Beefy Miracle for armv5tel, kirkwood kernel (I strongly recommend this over debian!!) find it here
-------------17Jun2012: New pictures posted. (click on the picture below)
-------------1Mar2011: Powersupply died - running with external supply
-------------12Dec2010: Installed Samsung S1 mini USB hard drive
-------------27Nov2010: http://ronaldlan.dyndns.org web server put on the air, served by Apache2 on my Sheevaplug
-------------11Nov2010: Got debian running with Xfce desktop (finally!)
-------------15Sep2010: started working on getting Linux to run on the Sheevaplug
-------------18Mar2010: BB gave me my sheevaplug at the OpenFabrics workshop in Sonoma

This URL was hosted for 4 years on a device as shown in the picture below...!

Sheevaplug anno 2010, looks like a power adapter in wall socket.

click here for SheevaPlug features
click here for CPU details

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DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions on this web domain are Ronald's own. I am not associated with / have no stakes in Marvell, Red Hat or any other companies or organizations mentioned on this domain, except that I am an employee of IBM Research GmbH.

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